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Accepting Donations For

James Earl Jones / Donald Crouch Sculpture 


Voice of James Earl Jones on Mentorship

The Arts & Culture Alliance is proud to honor

the legacy of James Earl Jones and his mentor, Donal Crouch.

To celebrate these two individuals and the power of mentorship, the ACA has commissioned life-sized sculptures of these two men in hopes to be installed in front of the Kaleva-Norman-Dickson School

in Brethren where James Earl attended and Donald taught.

Many are not aware that James was uncomfortable speaking, due to a severe stutter, when he started attending the Brethren schoolhouse in 1945. During his schooling, James submitted a poetry entry,

“Ode to a Winter Grapefruit,” to Mr. Crouch, his English teacher. James’ entry was chosen to be recited

in front of the class. While practicing the poem’s delivery, James discovered memorization allowed him to speak without a stutter. Since then, he’s credited Mr. Crouch’s mentorship for helping him “find his voice.”

With this project we ask you to help us honor not one, but two of our own!

We are hoping for individual support, corporate interest, and grants to

create this sculpture that will honor how Mentoring by Mr. Crouch allowed JEJ to find his famous Voice.


 ACA announces that the sculpture of James Earl Jones is almost completed by sculptor Bernadette Marcos Zachara and will soon be sent to be bronzed. This is exciting news since one half of the goal has been reached!! We have had over 80 donors to the project, over 20 mentors nominated, while raising almost $45,000.

Thanks to everyone who has helped.

We will now be trying to raise the funds to begin the sculpture of Donald Crouch, JEJ’s mentor. Please donate below.

Another way to donate
to the legacy of James Earl Jones and his mentor, Donal Crouch.

($100 per nomination)

The Arts and Culture Alliance of Manistee County has decided to create a “Wall of Mentors”, to be placed with the JEJ/DC sculptures at KND schools. On this wall will be inscribed the names of the eligible mentors that are nominated.
Please do not donate on line for a nomination. Mail or drop off check only.

Please fill out the form below with the required information. Make your check out to Arts and Culture Alliance. 
Mail to:  Arts and Culture Alliance, 19708 Cadillac Hwy., Copemish, MI 49625


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