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Marilla Museum and Pioneer Place

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Jan Thomas




9991 Marilla Rd

Copemish MI 49625

In 1980, the Marilla Museum and Pioneer Place began in the lower level of the Marilla School that was built in 1920. The school was no longer used beginning in 1948. The upper level is now used as the Township’s government and community center. Beginning in the early 1990s, a great deal of expansion began. Over a period of 12 years, the museum grew to include a beautifully restored two story 1870s log home, a large 1900 barn, and a full-size replica hunter-trapper logger’s cabin. Each home is fully furnished and reflects early rural pioneer living. The Pioneer Barn contains many farm machines and implements, displays representing Marilla’s rich logging history, and other items relating to the communities early formative years.

(At left, our mortise and tenon barn with tourism trail quilt)



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