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Membership is open to Arts and Culture organizations and to individuals who support its goals. Membership in ACA will benefit organizations and individuals by promoting their activities through a website and other media outlets as well as eligible use of our 501(c)(3) status.

The ACA will be a positive asset in attracting grants and other funding sources to existing organizations. As the ACA continues to work toward these goals, memberships are vital. Please join us in promoting and showing your support for the rich array of cultural activities within Manistee County.

For more information contact Joy at 231.398.9427 or Cindy at 231.299.4484, or fill out the contact form below.

Thanks for submitting!

New Board Members Elected at Annual Icebreaker: Joy Smith - President, Cynthia Asiala - Vice President Janet Stroup - Secretary,  Linda Cudney -Treasurer,  William Hattendorf, Steve Rogers, Kathi Houston, Pamela Tompke, Jan Thomas & Rhonda Erbel
We ask that all arts and culture enthusiasts join or renew memberships. Fill out the membership Application below. 

Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 21, 2023 at 4pm. Maple Grove Community Center, 9208 Kauko St Kaleva, MI 49645.

2023 ACA Board Meetings
All meetings held at Maple Grove Community Center, 9208 Kauko St Kaleva, MI 

Annuanl Meeting January 21 - 4pm.
Tuesday, February 7 - 10am
Tuesday, March 7 - 10am
Tuesday, April 11 - 10am
Tuesday, May 9 - 10am

Other dates TBA

The ACA will also be meeting monthly to continue its work
on the JEJ/DC Sculpture/Mentorship Project.
If you are interested in joining us please call Cindy
231-299-4484 or Joy @ 231-510-1792

Interested in becoming a member of the ACA? 

Please download and fill out the membership application, then make the check payable to the "ACA". 

Send check and application to:

Linda Cudney

19708 Cadillac Hwy.

Copemish, MI 49625


Individual: $15

Couple: $20

Family: $20


Organization Dues: 

$25 - Organization Dues + Event listings on our website 

$50 - Organization Dues + Utilization of tax deductible 501(C)(3) status

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