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The Arts and Culture Alliance was formed to promote and support the wide variety of Arts and Culture organizations in Manistee County.

The Arts and Culture Alliance (ACA) was formed after the 2006 EnVision process which identified needs in Manistee County. The committee saw a need for an organization to promote and support a wide variety of arts and culture organizations in the area. Our goal of the ACA is to infuse arts and culture into Manistee County and the ACA is important to Manistee County because we want art, music, drama, museums, and culture to be an integral part of residents’ lives here. Please check out all the partners and resources on our website from miles around, consider making a donation, become a member and join us in our endeavors. The Alliance holds an Ice Breaker each January which is open to anyone interested in arts and culture. We usually have a soup and bread supper and a short program. To attend a meeting, please click here for the schedule.

Board of Directors

Joy Smith, President

Cynthia Asiala, Vice President

Janet Stroup, Secretary

Linda Cudney, Treasurer

Board Members:

William Hattendorf,

Steve Rogers,

Kathi Houston,

Pamela Tompke,

Jan Thomas

Rhonda Erbel

We have had over 80 groups and individuals as dues paying members for over 10 years since we formed. Our dues are very reasonable to encourage membership.


  •  Five organizations use our 501(c)(3) status umbrella for tax deductible donations

  • An additional 15 use our website to advertise their events

  • 50-60 individuals and family units make up the rest of the membership

We are entirely self-funded by member dues. However, we will look to grants and other sources of funding when we have a project that fits guidelines and someone to write the grant for us, and other funds have helped us reach our goals at times. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the ACA. 

Contributions made to the ACA are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3), code 170. 


Contributions can be sent to ACA, care of Cynthia Asiala, Box 283, Kaleva, MI 49645. 

Here are a few ways we contribute to the community:

  • Scholarships to students to attend Blue Lake and Interlochen

  • Art and music supplies to deserving high school students

  • Support the Manistee Children’s Theater

  • Help purchase books for community sing

  • Contributed to Spring and Fall Fest

  • Sponsored the Green Art Fair to encourage doing art in a creative and recycled manner

  • Bring music into the county schools through the Spirit of the Woods programs

  • Bring culture to county schools through field trips to museums in Kaleva and Marilla


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