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The Arts and Culture Alliance supports theatre workshops at both the Ramsdell Theatre Center for the Arts and the Manistee High School Auditorium.

We help fund and organize local theatre workshops for kids and young adults of all ages. 

The Children’s Theatre Workshop runs for 5 days, Monday through Friday and on the last day (Friday) there is a free afternoon performance for the public to come and see what the children have learned.  Try the workshop and learn about everything that goes into making a theater production.  No experience is necessary, and everyone gets a part.  Come and play theater games and make new friends.  
It's a lot of fun, and most of the kids keep coming back.  The theatre workshop provides opportunities to do stage crew and learn tech booth, and the children will help with creating props and costumes.  
The children will learn about the audition process, warm-ups, stage directions, and character development along with what goes on back stage. 
There are a total of about 8 skits that are performed and each skit is directed by older experienced students.  These are our paid interns who are supervised by Sharon Gates, as they learn how to direct. All skits are custom written by myself and some of the older interns who have an interest in writing plays.  
They also perform one or two songs as an ensemble with choreography and sometimes, they do a lip sync song for fun!  There is a general theme like "Heroes & Villains" or "Great Characters".  The 2020 plan is for a "Broadway" theme for this summer.  


Stay tuned as dates for 2024 will be announced.


• Cost:  $45 for 1 child, $25 for each additional family member

• Financial-Need Scholarships available.  

• For more information, call, text, or email: Sharon Gates at 231-288-9378 or 

The Children’s Theater Workshops are made possible by a grant from the Doug Schlaff Youth Fund, and take place at the Manistee High School Auditorium. While most theater camps cost hundreds of dollars, thanks to the grant, this not does not. It’s affordable, and it's pretty amazing.


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